Understanding the Difference Between Quartz and Quartzite

If you are seeking new countertops, you will have seen quartz and quartzite in your Google searches. Even though the names are similar, these materials are different. When choosing a marble sealer, you need to make sure which countertop is the right one for you to use.

Before you decide which material is appropriate, you need to identify how many countertops need your kitchen. Are you a passionate chef who loves cutting and sauteing? If you are, you will need to have a countertop that is long-lasting and easy to clean. Instead, if you eat out, then you may be thinking about how the countertop looks rather than how it functions. After you’ve known how to use the countertops, you will need to look at the materials and which one you need for your home. Also, you need to pay attention to the budget. 

Defining Quartz

Quartz is human-made and is created from resins and mineral chips. If blended into a mold, the materials will create a hardened surface that can be made to take any size or shape. Quartz will be made to look like natural stone. Still, the patterns will be even since it has been created in a factory and not a dingy place. Quartz is also affordable compared to natural stone because it could be produced in a factory and not mined like natural stone. 

Since quartz is manufactured, it can come in different patterns and shades. That’s why it is preferred when it comes to flooring, installing cabinets, and other features, especially if you are doing bathroom or kitchen renovations. In fact, you will find it challenging to get a color that quartz will not come in. It is made to be smooth. When you touch a quartz countertop, you will feel the smooth surface. If you spill anything, you will notice that the surface is easy to clean. The resins will be responsible for making quartz easy to clean. 

Quartz is growing to become the go-to stone for countertops because of beauty and durability. It doesn’t need sealants, and it is easy to clean. Since it is low-maintenance, it is appealing to someone who has a family. 

Defining Quartzite

Quartzite is a natural stone that will be found underground when sandstone will be transformed inside the earth because of high temperatures and pressure exposure. Naturally, quartzite will be mined at a quarry and then chopped into slabs to be changed into countertops. The best thing about quartzite is that the colors and patterns will be due to the pressure and heat of the earth. They will not be changed from their natural state. Even though quartzite will appear in white or gray color, it may sometimes have a pink or red hue inside. The minerals will form patterns in the slab. In some situations, the designs might vary. 

Since it is mined using the same process used to mine limestone or marble, quartzite is a valuable stone. It is the best choice for homeowners who want home features to appear natural and have an earthy look. If you’re seeking new countertops, you need to visit https://www.moresurfacecare.com/collections/sealers to find out which one is suitable for your home. 

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