How to Seal and Treat Marble Countertops

If you decide to use marble for the countertops in your home or use natural stone owned by someone else, you will find it challenging to maintain it. That will mean using the right marble sealer for the countertop. If you ignore maintenance for the marble, the implications will be unpleasant. You will have to deal with tough stains that could prove difficult to eliminate unless you use a high-quality seal. 

Also, you will notice water stains forming on the countertop. If it happens, the marble will require to be cleaned by an expert who may be expensive. Understanding how to seal and treat marble countertops is not challenging if you use the right products that will work well. Here are some things you need to know if you want to keep your marble looking fresh. 

Conduct Water Tests

Does your home have marble countertops? If so, most contractors will ensure the marble surface is sealed because they know water staining will be inevitable if you don’t use a sealant. If you are not sure when was the last time you sealed, you can perform water tests. Start by pouring water on some areas of the marble countertop. If dark spots appear after 30 minutes, you will have to call an expert to seal. You don’t have to seal if water has appeared. Sealing is required if water reaches the marble. 

Ensure the Marble Countertops are Always Clean

Make sure you use the right cleaning products to clean so that the marble can be ready for sealing. Don’t make the mistake of using regular household products that you can get from local shops. Some products can cause damage to the marble surface in the long-term. If you are dealing with coffee stains or anything tough to remove, you can use a towel that has been soaked in bleach overnight. Then later, you can rinse the surface with water. You can also use baking soda to remove oil stains. Marble countertops need to be always clean before sealing. 

Use the Right Sealant

If you want to keep the marble countertop durable for many years, you should use a sealant that works well on natural stone. The sealant will be applied on the marble countertop to ensure it reaches the surface properly. First, you should spray it in sections before allowing it to dry. The sealant will be absorbed if you get a lint-free cloth. Then you will have to allow the sealant to dry for a day before using your preferred polish. 

Use Resealing During Maintenance 

After using the sealant, you will have to conduct water tests later. If you notice the water hasn’t penetrated, the seal is strong and will allow you to know when to do resealing. Yet, you should not overdo the process. But remember to seal the marble as often. If you need marble sealants or maintenance, you should visit, and you will learn more about maintenance routines for granite, marble, quartz, and other natural stones. Don’t hesitate to call MORE Surface Care if you have questions about maintenance or sealants. 

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