Tips on Sanitizing Natural Stone Surfaces

If you use the kitchen regularly, you’ll obviously have a routine of cleaning the kitchen counters. There will be messes that are created when you cook. You don’t want to leave them unattended for a long time as they could become difficult to clean. There is news of numbers of Coronavirus cases going up on a daily basis. As a homeowner that is cautious about hygiene, you might be wondering how you can disinfect natural stones in your home. In addition to the marble sealer, there are steps that you can take to ensure that the natural stone surfaces are completely sanitized.

Is Your Stone Coated?

This will be the first question you need to figure out before even thinking about sanitization. There are different ways you can check to confirm if the stone is sealed or coated. One of the most effective ways is by leaving a couple of drops of water on the surface. If it beads up, it is a sign that the stone has been sealed. If it soaks up, it will be time to look for contractors to help with the sealing of the stone surfaces to provide an additional layer of protection.
You should never use abrasive or harsh cleaners on your stone surfaces. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been coated or not, you could be reducing their lifespan by using such cleaners.

Type of Natural Stone

The type of natural stone you have in your home will also play a role in the cleaning process. Not all natural stones are the same and the treatment approach will have to be different. You need to know if the stone in your kitchen is siliceous or calcareous. Calcareous in particular don’t react well to acids and you’ll need to be wary of the chemical composition of the cleaning elements.

Daily Stone Surface Cleaner

Cleaning is a lot easier when there is a routine and natural stone surfaces are no exception. You don’t want to be using only soap and water to disinfect the surfaces. There are granite cleaners in the market that you can use depending on the natural stone that is found in your kitchen.

Know the Ingredients to Avoid

If sanitization is a big issue for you, it is important that you’re searching for products that are safe for your stone surfaces. Those products that are used to clean the kitchen could damage your surfaces. That is why it is usually recommended that you’re educating yourself on the type of stones you have in the kitchen and the kind of cleaning and sanitization that is required.


In order for the sanitation to be effective, you’ll need to make sure that the surfaces are sealed. There are experts that can help with the sealing and will also advise on the right way the stone surfaces should be cleaned and sanitized. The internet will be helpful when searching for someone to help with the sealing of natural stones. For more information, you can check out

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