Everything You Need to Know About Etching

If you’ve been shopping for granite countertops, there is a high chance that you’ve probably heard of etching. It is a term that is sometimes used interchangeably to mean different things. In most instances, contractors and designers will use the term when it comes to choosing marble surfaces. You’ll hear the term marble etching a lot when you’re out shopping. Which begs the question, what does the term etching mean?

In layman’s terms, it means the damage of a surface in the form of a black mark and can be found on natural stone in most instances. It usually happens when the countertop comes into contact with acidic components. There are some household items that are known to cause etching on surfaces. They will corrode the countertop made of marble and it can be challenging trying to do the restoration. Some of the common substances that can cause etching in the home include:

  • Wine
  • Coffee
  • Juice
  • Vinegar
  • Ammonia
  • Bleach
  • Tomato juice

There are some substances that will stain your stone while others could both stain and etch. Before you can think about repairing etching, you’ll have to look for a stain remover as that will make it a lot easier.

Etch removers are wonderful products and you don’t need any kind of special skill in order to get rid of them.

Reducing The Chances of Etching

Since you care about the stone in your kitchen, you’ll want to do everything possible in order to reduce the chances of etching. Spills should be taken care of as soon as they happen. It is also important to make sure that you’re only using a mild detergent for the cleaning. You can look for cleaners that are specifically made for natural stone. The surface should be thoroughly rinsed and dried if the treatment is to be effective. You can take a proactive approach by protecting the countertops with coasters. You should avoid using mops, vacuum cleaners, and worn brooms for cleaning. It will be tempting to use matte finish like leather but that should be avoided at all costs.

Buying Marble

You might have your eyes set on marble countertops but you’re worried about the maintenance. Before you can go out shopping, you’ll first need to understand the inherent qualities. It is a porous material that easily scratches. It is not only etching that you’ll need to be worried about. There are some experts that might advise getting marble for the kitchen because of how delicate it is but with proper maintenance, you shouldn’t have any problem.


There is nothing wrong with choosing marble stone for your kitchen. You just need to get the right cleaning agents. You should also be prepared to put in the work. You can visit our website if you’d like a demonstration of what our cleaning products and anti-etch applications can do. For more information on etching and taking care of your natural stone surfaces, you can check out https://www.moresurfacecare.com/pages/more-antietch-anti-etch

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